This project was an opportunity for me to really focus my practice down to what I am really interested in, something i had not given enough attention in earlier briefs. Whilst feeling like i was not doing what i wanted within the course, so too was feeling that i was not getting out what i wanted. I saw this project as a chance to break this cycle.

The subject matter i touched upon was very familiar and dear to me – I have been taken around churches and old sites throughout my entire youth by my father, who shares an interest and who kindled mine. This meant i had a deep understanding of the sort of piece i wanted to put out. I struggled a little early on with an idea about how exactly to realise this aim – my earlier ideas about the construction from scratch of a full-sized functioning misericord were quickly binned as i realised what an undertaking that would be in the space of 4 weeks. Time management has been one of my pitfalls before and i am glad i made the decision to explore alternative mediums, as it meant i happened upon a beautiful old table which i am proud to have embellished with my carving. The course itself, i thankfully noticed, broadened the scope and gave us a wide remit, meaning i had no excuse about not giving it my best shot. I have noticed the course is helping us prepare for a career in the arts, and i realise that this is a given and no doubt valuable skills – i have recently reevaluated my career choices and no longer want to pursue a career primarily in the arts. However, i am still planning on making use of these skills and with this in mind i am determined to continue this sentiment on to next year and make the most of our final year.

A lot of the information i have gleaned from my peers and from the material we have been taught is that the onus is very much on contemporary design and with the subjects i am most fond of and intend to pursue this presents me with something of a problem. I need to either modernise my preferred design M.O. to suit a more modern audience or find a way to present my old-looking work in a modern way. I managed to come across the topic of restoration during this project, in this case to do with the Church but I think it might make for good background for my work in the projects to come. If i find myself wanting to include any sort of synthetic material (not yet but I’m not ruling it out!) i will need to compromise on this position, as doing so with surely also expand my options if i work to another’s brief.

In conclusion this project allowed me to finally do the sort of thing I’ve always wanted to do – it proved lots of fun but granted me fair warning – if you want to do your own thing you better make sure other people like it too.