Due to time restraints i’ve decided to explore different mediums upon which to carve my design. Originally planning to construct a full-size misericord from scratch, i realised this is a very big undertaking for the last month of term and i’ve thus chosen to hedge my bets and do a carving on something else.

I was lucky enough to acquire a very old-looking side table from Jacob’s Antiques market. I am told it is probably oak and was probably manufactured in the 1950s or thereabouts. If i were to carve into this, it would be not unlike the Victorian tradition of medieval-esque restoration, which is a nice reason to bear in mind when considering how works like these would be viable as a career, with restoration still a vital job in churches across the country.


I could carve the piece on the top, which would make it visible but possibly compromise the table’s functionality. I could also do it underneath, as is the case of Misericords under the folding seat, but this would make it hard to exhibit.