Our second week we made pinhole cameras. It was fun to actually make the contraption that produces the art instead of just using pre-made equipment for once. I have tried my hand at photography in the past with some successes so i was keen to try and transfer those skills into this project.

We were quite adventurous with our design – making out of cardboard slats, we tried to create a 360 degree aperture by constructing a 4-compartment square layout with an aperture on each side.


We were happy with the design but the crude making methods created minor faults which we would discover later – but immediately afterwards we were pleased.


Because of the minor flaws in the construction, light leaked into the aperture and washed out all our prints. we eventually enjoyed success using a pre-made plastic pinhole.

This project was fairly interesting to me although it was mostly for the making of the tool than the resulting outcomes. I have thought about making my own tools for while now, probably wood carving chisels, and this project cemented these ideas.